Extremely disappointed. Other than it provided a great trip for the code monkeys from Montreal, I don't think Africa was a great choice of location. Drab colors compared to the amazing tropical setting of the original Far Cry and Crysis - both spectacular games.

The graphics and physics engine rate an A+, however, the game is far too "arcade" for fans of the afore mentioned epics that enveloped your consciousness and seduced you into another world with their vast detail and logical, believable gameplay.

Keyboard/mouse interfaces don't translate well to games where you drive vehicles, which is why it's best left as a short add-on experience. However, much of the game in Far Cry 2 is spent driving... bad idea. Plus, the bad guys all have a drive and a gunner, while you have to stop your vehicle, change seats to get to the gun, and then try to destroy the target... not smooth, especially when chasing a convoy target.

To execute the repetitive missions you need to drive over the same road, past the same checkpoints and kill the same bad guys you've already killed many times before... gets boring.

Programmers have virtually eliminated stealth play as an option. As soon as any bad guy sees you, they all automatically know where you are and can hit you from a mile away through dense jungle and behind cover.

Weapons management is silly. I can carry an assault rifle and a rocket launcher, but I CAN'T carry an assault rifle and a sniper rifle????? So I buy a case to put the sniper rifle in and I can access that rifle at any safehouse on the map? Wierd.... not logical or beleiveable, and it takes away from the immersive quality of the game.

Also, the whole malaria thing only serves as an annoyance. The side effect of not allowing you to run for very long is probably the only way they could keep people from playing the game on foot, forcing players to utilize the clunky vehicles.