User Rating: 8.1 | SpellForce: The Order of Dawn PC
This game treads on familiar ground in the RTS genre but manages to give it a new twist with the RPG element. Overall the game is totally enjoyable and multi-layered in its storyline. The multiple side quests are enough to keep a player occupied long enough, let alone the challenging RTS missions and the main story-driven plot. Sure, as other reviewers have pointed out, the voice acting varies from good to freakishly bad, but in a way it is refreshing to hear dwarves speaking like so many Frenchmen on quaaludes - as opposed to the common perception that all dwarves have to be from Scotland. The AI for your RTS units and other Rune Heroes could benefit from some tweaks. First of all more autonomy would be nice, with the option for the micromanagers to do their thing of course. As of now some units are perfectly capable of fulfilling their potential in a fight without constant supervision – while others need to be herded and prodded in order to create the appropriate responses. This is most noticeable with the Rune Heroes; while the fast access tabs at the top of the screen offer some measure of swiftness in reacting to combat situations – there simply isn’t time to coordinate your hero’s attacks with up to four other characters. Ideally, the Rune Hero warlock would cast his various mojo instead of rather uncharacteristically running up to Mongo and trying to bludgeon him. As I said before, overall it’s a great game. It takes a long time to plough through, the game play is addictive and storyline is rich.