It's Street Fighter II x 2 (only in reference to the number, not the quality of it)

I haven't played this game that much yet but I have many bones to pick with it already. First off, anybody can notice how well rendered the graphics are. There's no doubt that it is a very beautifully cel-shaded game.

The gameplay seems very familiar and easy to pick up, which is where it fails and succeeds, because on the other hand it barely does anything new to create a fresh experience. It feels like Street Fighter II, but the bulky movement seems like it only works for an actual 2d fighting plain.

I mean just having a basic special guage? Whatever happend to V-ism, parrying, universal anti-ground guard attack and all those other extras that progressed the game's evolution through the Alpha series and 3rd Strike? I mean it's so annoying how people can get away with blocking low all the time and your only option is to jump in the air to attack, only to have them uppercut you so simply.

I don't have much to say to glorify or debunk the game yet since I've only had it for one day. All I can say for now is that: don't expect too much or you'll feel very disappointed. Otherwise, it's an ok game, and much like I've predicted, this will be a cheap thrill that of course will never capture the charm its classic 2D predecessors have. If they made it wild with aerial fighting like there was Capcom vs Marvel/X-men/Snk then maybe this game would take the cake for it would have more dynamic combo options.

Soul Calibur FTW, I still won't put that game down, not even for this bombshell.