Much better than the first one

User Rating: 10 | Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed X360
Im surprised this has had no reviews yet, I guess people are too bothered about the new call of duty at the moment.
If you liked the first one, you will like this.
I have played it on my own and with my two kids, this is a brill game, and I give it 10/10.
You race around tracks as vehicle, boat and plane etc, its full of fun, and good pick ups to unleash.
Its a step up from the first one.
Like I said im surprised this game has gone under the radar with call of duty getting its usual repetive reviews instead.
Want something different from the same old call of duty, play this.

Im playing the 360 version, and the multiplayer is brilliant, you have about four different game plays.
As for career, you have grand pri, and world tour and single play and time trials.

Im going back to it now its so good.