User Rating: 1 | SimCity PC
This game is currently broken and is literally unplayable currently. It has been designed exceptionally poorly, as even to play privately, you must be logged in, and must be logged in TO THE SAME SERVER EACH AND EVERY TIME. The servers are RARELY available. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME.

At a minimum you should wait at least a couple months to see if the problems have been worked out so you can at least play your city for more than an hour or two before the server goes down. EA also needs to patch the game so that server access is not required to play privately.

The game is completely broken. In no case should you buy this game until these issues are fully addressed by EA.

Note that I have never had a problem with digital rights management software before, and to date have not criticized online-only game play. If it is fully operational I do not mind this "feature"... but if the product literally does not work then you are simply being scammed for $60-$80. Imagine buying a computer, an appliance, a car, or any other electronic or mechanical device. If it did not work when you purchased it, which is a breach of contract on the part of the manufacturer/distributor, you would return it. Unfortunately EA does not care about its customers enough to provide the functionality promised when they take your money, nor do they care if they slaughter a once-proud and successful game.