I paid 99 bucks (in my country = not dollar) for it. It entertained me ... regularly.

User Rating: 6.5 | SimCity Societies PC
This game is not one you can pen your mouth and say " this is amazing!". It is a very fair game, nearly mediocre, and, besides that, very easy to play, in any of it's difficulties.
I am not saying this is good either, but it could've been a lot better, with all the ads and stuff I saw, definitely it could've went out better. Also, a positive point is the number of building that there are in this game. It is over 300 if I'm not mistaken. Other than that, it lags like hell ingame, thanks to all those "sims" walking around, something that not even the patch could fix. It L-A-G-S when you make a big population. I didn't play much of the other SimCities but this one, if people didn't told me it was made by Maxis/EA, I would've swear it's just a cheap rip-off.
Also, for me that society feature is not used too well. You try making one kind of society at first, and you're screwed. There will be always something missing, and another complaint is the music... There is only one or so for every kind of society you create...
C'mon, it could definitely been alot better, it's a classic's name you put there, so please...