Not nearly as good as the computer version of the same name, but it'll tide you over if you don't have a computer.

User Rating: 8.1 | SimCity 2000 SNES
For the most part, SimCity 2000 for the Super Nintendo is just like the computer version. Some of the buildings look different, like police stations and hospitals, and the graphics obviously aren't as sharp as the PC version, but nothing is removed as far as the features are concerned.

The game slows down tremendously as your city grows larger, and once it fills the entire city map, the SNES will chug, and it'll take forever for the months and years to pass by.

The game's controls aren't as intuitive as the PC version, but it works surprisingly well, and is probably the best port of SimCity 2000 to any console, including the Game Boy Advance and Sony PlayStation.

I've had problems with the game mysteriously erasing my city, possibly due to a faulty memory chip, but it's still okay to drag out and play when there isn't a computer around. The scenarios are different from the PC version, and it also has some extra rewards for those who achive really large populations in their SimCities.

For the time, it was pretty good.