So after all these year I finally bought one of these so call classic to only find out how boring and redundant this thT

User Rating: 5.5 | Sid Meier's Civilization V PC
After well over 100 hours of game play, I have come to this conclusion that is one of the most boring redundant game I have ever played.Random generator is lousy or just plain poor and they call these guys what?? GURU's?? of what. Optin are limited redundancy is oathetic at best. No real difference in units all do and act the same no differences at all. Barbs come way to frequent just to bother you annoyance at best. Diplomacy id just plain aweful at best. The only good thing is graphic other than that this game have no real replay value . For a game that has been out still has a numerous bugs and the support if you get any is very slow it took over 2 weeks to get a reply and they told my my quad 4 was to slow and I exceed min. requirements.Load time are extremely long at time some 3+ minutes Graphic cliches start about turn 500.