Shiny on the surface, shows problems real quick later on

User Rating: 6.5 | Sid Meier's Civilization V PC
I never played the previous Civ games before so this is my first one.

At first i had a lot fun playing this, the graphic are good, maps are extensive, customization is vast, and technology tree and various upgrades seems interesting.

Until I play more, I notices many more bugs that should not be there. For example the bigger the map or the more the player the more delay between turns, I don't mean delay just a few seconds, I am playing with a modern 2011 PC and sometimes it would delay up to 2 minutes, this game is not programmed well to run on multi-cores it seems, I know people been telling me play with smaller map, play with fewer AI, but why should I? Why can't I play a game mode that is clearly listed inside the game itself, and if it is not ready they should not put that mode there but the fact that it is there means it is meant to be played. This is very disappointing but understandable if the developer stop working on the game after release.

But what I find extremely irresponsible is that after the main game has been release the develop indeed kept working on by to making expansion after expansion with purchasable DLC. I mean if they had the chance to go back to the game to work in it more, why not try to fix the game engine? But instead they gone the other way, ignore the problems and keep making DLC to sell. This sound like a good business decision but extremely dishonest.

Also the more I play the more problems that pop up that bothers me, for example for some reason you cannot stack units upon one another, that means if you have a group of units you want to travel to the similar location, there will be instances that they will block each other because the front unit is already occurring the tile, that means if you have a large group of unit moving together but once it get there, chances are they will be separate up to 3 moves or more apart, this can be very annoying when you planning to attack the enemy.

Overall I think this game is worth playing is you have absolutely noting to do, but don't expect a master piece, because I find the Total War series playing as the strategic mode is more fun than this.