Best for PC in its Time

User Rating: 9.5 | Sid Meier's Civilization III PC
I still playing this game when i write this review, this is a different kind of wonderful. I know this is not my most favorite game but i'm totally addicted with this game.

You who want to play a strategy game should pick this game. Because you will control a country from its diplomatic relationship, science development, city improvement, and military activity. This is one similar but different with Age of Empire, same addictive different gameplay. If AoE is a real time strategy then Civilization III is a turn based strategy.

In Civilization III, its not always the widest country who will win, because there is space race at the end of the age. Your ability to manage each city is the key to win. You are given one settler to build a city and one warrior at first. After you build a city it is all your choice to choose which you should make next, warrior , worker, settler or even wonder (pyramid is the first wonder). Your logic and experience from playing this game will give various result, but there is a score at the end of your game. Depends on your difficulty level you choose too, the score can give you a reflection about your logic skill and your tactic in playing the game.

I always love to see the picture of a winner political leader and the other leaders are bruised, lol. But if you lose you're the one who'll be humiliated, so be careful in playing this game don't be careless.

Good point :
1. Best strategy game from Sid Meier
2. I'm sure you never get old for this
3. Various result of the game and various political leader

Bad point :
1. This is your own risk, be careful of your electricity bill