This Metroid inspired game will leave you wanting more even when the end credits start rolling

User Rating: 8.5 | Shadow Complex X360
Shadow Complex is fun. Simple. It is hard to describe. It definitely takes notes from the Metroid games and we need more games like Shadow Complex. This game is basically what a 3D Metroid game would be like if Metroid Prime did not exist. It's a spin-off the Empire novels. I have not read them and didn't even know this information until I beat the game so do not worry as it is no needed to understand the story of this all.

You play as a guy who has to find his girlfriend who got kidnapped and has to stop a secret organization from literally taking over the world. Sound familiar? You wont play Shadow Complex for the story. The gameplay and exploration is just worth the price of admission. What's weird about Shadow Complex is that it is one of those games you procrastinate with. When you are not playing Shadow Complex, you won't feel like playing it, but when you are playing it, you love it so much. Proof of this is that it took me 7 months to play the game, but I only clocked in about 4 hours and 30 minutes of game time. And yes, Shadow Complex is very short.

If 15 dollars just seems like too much for a game that is not even 5 hours long, then do not buy it. Save your money and don't feel bad about it. You won't really miss much if you don't. Shadow Complex is a nice distraction from all the FPS games coming out all the time. If you absolutely love Metroid, get Shadow Complex.