User Rating: 9.2 | Serious Sam: The First Encounter PC
Serious Sam is pretty far from serious, but it's a blast to play. The best thing about Serious Sam is it's simplicity. It compliments itself so well. For instance, no serious plot exists to incur all kinds of stringent scripted events from happening. You can literally find ammo and weapons laying about in open places for the sake of fun factor as opposed to the popular trend of today's more realistic FPS's. Simplicity also helps it concentrate more on what it does well. KILLIN. Everyone likes to blast monsters, so they make sure they put lots of monsters out there to kill. Instead of having to weave through tight tunnels and deep dungeons stalking around against a few troublesome AI, serious sam will put you up against literally HUNDREDS of opponents at once. It's so breathtaking sometimes you literally do not know where the hell you are going to start shooting. Serious Sam is a fairly long game, which adds to the playtime you'll get out of it, but one of the best additions is the dimension of co-operative play. You can hook up with up to 3 other buddies for some 4 player co-op. No wacky servers to authenticate to, no complex plot designs to wait through, no buggy fragmented levels, just load up and start killing. Dying happens so frequently in co-op that you literally just respawn near the main body of action with all the guns you've gotten so far and plenty of ammo. This strategy in adding co-op some people may frown upon. Some may say without having to worry about supplies and # of lives, what's the point? The point is you are with your homies blasting through impossible odds, and you don't have to stop to worry about anything, just go. It works extremely well and I applaud Croteam for their efforts of adding this to the game. Co-op owns!!! More companies should take lessons in game design from Croteam.