User Rating: 8.7 | Serious Sam: The First Encounter PC
It`s jus bad luck that I got the short version of serious sam not the long version (damn it this happens to me all the time!). But no big deal the game is preaty damn fun and it`s humor is a crack up, well not a crack up crack up you know, funny:). Then I got serious sam: the sec ecounter, but were not talking about that folks, were talking about the first ecounter! serious sam plays very fast paced (DUH!) and when ever you go threw hordes of Mental`s minions: you take a deep breath which makes you "and me" feel great on what you went throw......BUT! you should STILL save your breath cause you will need to do it ALLLLLLLLLL over again! Sigh :0. I have a very low end system and my computer stinks! I have 356MB, radeon 9000 pro (really sux), 85hz, and my sound card is direct sound! My monitor carries 1280x1024 which is preaty big and some how the frame rate doesnt slow down on this, that`s not all I also have a pentium 3 (my god im really feeling bad on how bad my computer is!) and the game still goes smooth on 1024x768. I love the first level music it toches my heart! (MAN thats corney!) I like it because it makes you look around and look at the beutiful eviroments. Sam`s voice sounds cranky and tough which is the right match for him. He is really friendly and funny on what kind of jokes he does against enemies our when he get`s a wepon like ROCKET ROOL! when he gets a rocket launcher. It is preaty cool. Since I HAD the short version, it was short like 5 hours long what was preaty stupid. This game is fun and all of you will love it I JUST KNOW IT!!!