OMG, if you have a PS or a PS2, buy this game!

User Rating: 9 | Shiritsu Justice Gakuen: Legion of Heroes PS
Rival Schools is about groups of high schoolers trying to get revenge for something because of a bad school (Brainwashing operation and other stuff happens there). This is a sharp fighting game that won't dissapoint you. Graphics: the graphics are good, but the number of polygons on the vharacters are low. but then you'll start to realize that because of the blocky feeling of the characters, the game fits together nicely (I think the makers intended to not make lots of polygons). and because of the low polygon count, the game runs really, really smooth. the backgrounds are good, but some of them look like they're just paintings rendered into the BG, but it's ok. Sound: great!! the VO are mostly japanese which is good because it makes you feel like the characters are still japanese kids, the music is cool and it fits the scenario. the sound FXs are great. Gameplay: AWESOME!!! the controlls are responsive and feels right. when you punch and hit the dude it feels right too. the game is made really nicely. there are about 30 fighters so that's good. the game has a smooth framerate like I said b4. In the game you'll always play as a tag team and so does the opponent, and when you have enough energy build up you can do a team hit that can cause alot of damage, but not all characters do a team hit, for example if your partner is Tiffany and you do the team attack, your gonna blast your opponent out of your screen without much damage and tiffany's gonna hug and kiss you and your health will go up, and this happens with a few other girl characters. the game doesn't show alot of combo attacks so don't be expecting to pull of Tekken combos on this game, but the fast attacks and controll response will get you thru the game. if you ever come by this game (which is pretty rare, if you want this game you should check out gamecrazy cuz they have alot of old games there) buy it, because like rakugaki showtime: once you see this game, you may never see it again.