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    In A.D. 2101

    War was beginning.Captain: What happen?Mechanic: Somebody set up us the bomb.Operator: We get signal.Captain: What !Operator: Main screen turn on.Captain: It's you !!CATS: How are you gentlemen !! CA...

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    Awesome name man. Is the game for the ps1 good?
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    Square Enix please stop with stupid ideas like this. Crowdfunding is for people who REALLY need the money to further develop their ideas, people who don't have the money for their project and moneywho...

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    I actually bought the game for the first time May this year. I think it still holds up well, playability and graphically but I am accustomed to play Ps1 games all the time. I had a blast with the gam...

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    So hey, if Sony steals ideas from Nintendo, maybe Nintendo should start stealing Sony or MS's policies for games, you know, like making new IP's and not making new generation versions of old games.An...