Tiger Woods PGA Tour Review

The iPhone version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour is comparable to the great console games of the same name.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour is a standout iPhone golf game, thanks to its faithful reproduction of some of the most famous courses in the world, deep gameplay, and shot selection. If you're familiar with the console editions of previous Tiger games, you'll feel right at home with the iPhone version. The game features a few different modes to play, including Play Now, which lets you take on single-game matches of stroke and match play; Skins; Stableford and modified Stableford; and a Shootout mode, as well as a Tour mode. Along with Woods, the game offers a handful of other PGA and LPGA pros, as well as a Create-a-Player mode.

The iPhone version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour does a great job of adapting the console versions.

The game's seven courses have been laid out with painstaking care to accurately reproduce their real-life counterparts. For instance, all the seaside splendor of Pebble Beach is captured about as accurately as possible on an iPhone screen.

Shot making is performed by a simple back-and-forth swipe on the touch screen, mimicking the motion of a real swing. Imparting draws and fades are a matter of angling your finger on the downswing. Punch shots, flops, and chips are all available as well. You can also spin the ball in midflight to control its bounce and roll. By using all these features, you will be able to exert more control over the ball than in any other iPhone golf game. Well-executed shots earn you cash for spending in the pro shop.

The game offers numerous features that collectively give you great control over your swing.

But it can be a disadvantage to have that much control. When you're that good, it's not much of a challenge if you're playing by yourself. Putting, which is often a stressful part of golf, is made much easier thanks to a "putt preview" feature that shows the expected path of the ball. Thankfully, the game will put the pressure on you through the Tour mode and in pass-and-play multiplayer. When everyone is equally as good, playing against other people and computer-controlled opponents makes that margin of error small enough to provide a decent challenge.

Otherwise, Tiger Woods PGA Tour offers a great golf experience that's faithful both to the real-world sport and the console games that inspired it. It's well worth playing for any fans of golf or just anyone looking for a fantastic sports game.

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The Good
Deep and highly enjoyable gameplay
Highly realistic
Many different play modes.
The Bad
Not very challenging in single-player.
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