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The Last Story Review

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The Last Story is a brilliant role-playing game that's as rich and emotionally affecting as the best in the genre.


UK REVIEW--As you begin your journey in The Last Story, you get the feeling you've seen this all before; the maniacal dictator seeking ungodly powers, the crisis that threatens the survival of the world, and the band of shockingly youthful renegades, with even shockingly bigger swords, whose job it is to put it all right again. It's a familiar tale, but The Last Story is far from a familiar game. It's a deep, fast-paced JRPG, that evolves the genre in ways that enhance its existing tropes, without stripping away at its soul.

The best of the West is blended with the best of the East, resulting in a fantastically unique, exciting battle-system, beautifully rich visuals, and a story that--while familiar--has you feeling the deepest of care for the characters that live it. It's not just a fantastic JRPG, but a fantastic game in its own right, delivering moments of touching romance, disparaging betrayal, and eruptive action, all with a poignancy that makes those moments feel like they've come straight from the heart.

A lot of that comes down to the cast of characters; a ragtag group of mercenaries for hire who never know where their next paycheck is coming from and live from one job to the next. It is their various drives and wants that propel you through the story. Lead character Zael has fairytale dreams of knights and princesses; the group's leader Dagran craves the respect of the people, which is something he can never hope to achieve as a mercenary; and others, like Syrenne, simply enjoy a stiff drink and regular fisticuffs. Sometimes those desires collide with one another, creating tensions and conflicts that make their journey together all the more compelling.

These tensions come to a head when Lisa joins the group. Her mysterious past piques the interest of spiky-haired protagonist Zael--whom you spend the vast majority of the game playing as--with their blossoming relationship and its resulting ups and downs adding a hefty dose of melodrama to the proceedings. Sure, in true JRPG style, it can get a little saccharine, but it's balanced out by an overarching plot that introduces warring nations, corrupt governments, and the very survival of the land itself. There's even a sprinkling of religious iconography that gives you plenty to read into if you're eager to further immerse yourself in the richness of the narrative.

While the story is a sprawling epic, the world you explore is less so, at least at face value. Events take place on Lazulis Island, on which a single city serves as the main hub for your adventures. Its cobbled streets, seedy taverns, and stonewalled castles are filled with all manner of citizens--some eager to strike up a conversation, others to sell you some of their wares--that create a lively and atmospheric environment that touches on aspects of the Middle Ages, without being too heavy handed with its themes.

Despite being set in a single city, there are still a wide variety of quests. One moment, you're fighting off hordes of enemies in Lazulis castle; the next, you're enjoying a quiet drink in Ariela's Tavern before being whisked away to explore musty underground caverns deep beneath the surface. Between quests, you're given the freedom to explore the city--to talk to its citizens, to go shopping, to soak up the medieval ambiance. There are many side quests to complete too. Some are your typical fetch quest, but others go further, asking you to rescue lost children, learn how to swim, or go on dates with various singletons from the city. Such freedoms do wonders to distract you from the fact that the main story quests are largely linear in nature, with the excellent narrative just willing you to push onward.

Most quests you undertake involve action of some sort, and fortunately, The Last Story has a combat system worthy of the narrative that drives it. The combat system combines elements of the Western and Japanese RPG to create something that is wholly unique and thrilling. The action takes place in real time in the environment you're exploring, with enemies visible before you fight them; there are no random encounters or swishy battle screens here. Your melee attacks and those of your compatriots are largely automated, each of them hacking, slashing, or casting magic at nearby enemies.

Not everything is automated, though, particularly character movement, so you need to make the most of Zael's dodge and cover abilities to avoid enemy projectiles like arrows and magic attacks. Conveniently placed rocks, pillars, and walls give you plenty of places to take cover behind, and are the ideal place for letting fly a few shots of Zael's non-automated weapon, a crossbow. Different arrows have different effects, with some causing status changes, such as poison or sleep, and landing a well-placed headshot fells an enemy with a single shot. From cover, you can also seek out destructible areas of the environment, such as bridges that house archers or towering columns of rock that are just begging to be dropped onto an gang of unruly monsters.

Those areas can be destroyed by issuing commands to others in your party, with all manner of fire, ice, and nature spells at your disposal. As each spell lands, it creates an elemental circle, which, when walked through, adds that elemental ability to subsequent melee attacks. By using Zael's gale ability you can "diffuse" those circles, which cast further status effects, such as silence. Or in the case of healing circles, they instantly heal your entire party. And if that weren't enough to be getting on with, there's Zael's gathering ability, which draws the attention of enemies onto Zael, leaving your teammates free to cast spells or land a few blows with their swords.

It's a strategic system that works brilliantly, not least because it takes place in real time, which makes fights dynamic, action-packed affairs. The pace at which new abilities are handed out is also spot-on, giving you time to master them, without ever feeling underpowered during battles. Customization fiends may lament the lack of options when it comes to each character's spells and abilities, but weapon and armor upgrades give you plenty to tinker with, each affecting your characters' various statistics, such as stamina, attack power, or defensive abilities. More superficially, there a range of dyes you can buy that let you go colour crazy with clothing options.

Such enhancements make it over into New Game Plus, which unlocks once you've beaten the game, giving you the opportunity to take on all those small side quests and secret areas you might have missed the first time round, with a powered-up posse. Further attempts to extend the game's longevity come in the form of multiplayer deathmatch and cooperative horde-style modes. They're not something you frequent often and feel a bit tacked on, but given the wealth of content on offer in the single-player campaign, it's no big loss.

The Last Story is a fantastic game; one that pushes the JRPG genre forward in ways that are innovative yet still complementary to the tradition of the genre. Its rich narrative straddles the line between emotionally affecting and breathtakingly action packed; its thrilling battle system is a unique, modern take on everything that has come before. And its visuals are some of the best ever seen on the Wii, pushing the system to its limits with its beautifully detailed environments and dazzling special effects (even if there's a little frame rate stutter during more complex scenes).

And that's not to mention the music from legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu, with its majestic melodies complementing the action in a way that is truly sublime. But its biggest success lies with the characters themselves, their diverse personalities and formidable ambitions forever pushing you along their journey from rags to riches. You want to be there with them; to guide them through their darkest of hours; to share in their happiest of moments. You will care. That alone makes The Last Story worth the price of admission and a captivating experience that everyone should play, JRPG fan or not.


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  • The Good
    Rich narrative with characters you actually care about
    Innovative and fast-paced battle system
    Beautiful visuals push the Wii to its limits
    Heaps of side quests
    Great localization
    The Bad
    Minor frame rate issues
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    Suck It gamespot


    and I definitely think 9 is much too high a score for this!


    A little late, but I just beat it and it's one of the best JRPG's I've ever played. Took me back to the glory days of FF 7-10. Masterpiece!


    << LINK REMOVED >> late reply, but even xenoblade? thought it was the best jrpg this gen (played lost odyssey, playing ni no kuni)


    I just picked up this game, and I have to say, I think it's fantastic!


    Rich narrative? The characters and plot are far from being interesting and innovative. I can hardly say I care about any of them. All with their tragic past (don't any of them have parents? Come on...). The game itself is better but not ground-breaking either. The "minor frame rate issues" are "major frame rate issues".

    Even the music by Nobuo Uematsu is not really memorable.

    In the end what is really good about this game is the very good use of frequent cutscene to advance the plot, the visuals and some ideas found in the fighting system.

    Way too little to earn a 9.0 out of 10.0.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Agreed


    << LINK REMOVED >> That's more or less how I felt too. Since Sakaguchi was in charge of the game I had somewhat high expectations for it, but it didn't even come close to fulfilling them. The plot was rather simple and I didn't feel very invested on it(but I will admit a certain event near the end did surprise me a little bit, though in retrospect it should have been fairly obvious), the characters were fine but not particularly memorable, the combat system could have used some improvements and the overall scope of the game just felt too small. I wish the game was less segmented and more open with a big world map with varied locations to explore. Like the FF games Sakaguchi himself directed. Instead, there was a single city that served as a hub and some dungeons which the game throws you in after some cutscenes instead of letting you actually get to there through actual gameplay.

    Maybe I was expecting too much and I'm not being very fair, but considering the good word of mouth and reviews of this game I really wanted to feel immersed and really like this game. However, it was a fairly forgettable experience after all was said and done. It's certainly not a bad game, I would say it's good (I gave it a 7.5 myself), but that's about it. Amongst the JRPGs I've played it doesn't set itself apart from the average.


    << LINK REMOVED >> In some respects, I agree. The game suffers from its execution more than anything, but I found, once every quest was completed, and the credits scrolled, that I was more than satisfied with the experience. I think The Last Story should be experienced from beginning to end.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> By all means, this is not a bad game at all and I am happy I played it from beginning to end (I personally rated it 8.0 / 10.00 which is very positive).

    It's just that there are considerable flaws that can't allow this game to be up there, among the elite titles (9.0+) in my opinion.

    Still, this is a game I would recommend playing, especially if the player enjoys a game where cut scenes are prominent.


    Wii U HD remake and............. GO!


    The camera control is terrible. The story seems to jump around with no real focus and the later boss battles are an exercise in frustration where you run around trying to avoid death while you wait for a party member to reveal the one weakness you can exploit to actually damage the boss.


    << LINK REMOVED >> yes


    Kinda sucks that its exclusive to Wii, sounds like a pretty good game


    So. Finally a good game for the Wii. Shamefully I don't like JRPG's.


    << LINK REMOVED >> I know what your saying here and the Wii has plenty of great games. Sure there are the ones that are a steaming pile of **** but because of that the true stellar games are like diamonds in the rough. the 360 and PS3 have their share of bad titles too.

    As a SD console the Wii has had excellent games. I just bought a HD tv so I naturally had to but component cables to get good picture on it as I don't think my TV has the best upscaler cause I get jagged edges. I may have to get 1st party component cables but I may just keep my old SD tv just for my cube and Wii.


    if the only bad is slight frame rate issues this should have been a 9.5

    who put the score lol


    Now we need a game called Final Story, or Last Fantasy.


    The title is a parody of "Final Fantasy"


    << LINK REMOVED >> No, it's its own game.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Actually it is in essence a parody of the Final Fantasy name. Read some of the interviews with Hironobu Sakaguchi and you will learn he approached designing the Last Story as if it was his last game the very same methodology he followed creating Final Fantasy. When he created Final Fantasy he did so as if it were his last name hence why he called it "Final Fantasy." Also Hironobu and Squaresoft had a bit of a falling out so to speak so this may have been his way at perhaps poking fun at his former brainchild.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Obviously this is it's own game, he wasn't saying it was related. The name is definitely a parody of Final Fantasy. The Last Story, Final Fantasy...Yeah, it's a parody name.


    << LINK REMOVED >> lmao dude! The last story, Final = last, Fantasy = Can be seen as story-ish


    << LINK REMOVED >> "Parody name?" Nothing's comical about it but I do see the similarity. I mean, It is the same guy who designed Final Fantasy.


    looking forward to the wii u i hope it's backward compatible so i can play these games :)


    << LINK REMOVED >> The WiiU is confirmed as backwards compatible with Wii games.

    Though if you are interested in these games and looking to get a Wii U, you may want to pick them up now. They are going to be on a limited production run from Xseed games depending how well they sell. Least I read that somewhere that Xseed was going to wait for sales numbers to see whether to make a second run so if you can.. look into picking them up now because It may be hard finding used copies down the road.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Nah, people complain that Nintendo platforms are lagging so much behind anything else that developing multi-platform or porting over from and to Nintendo consoles are virtually impossible. Everybody suffers from it.


    Another Awesome RPG on the Wii

    Stop Whinning about it not being on the other consoles, this is all you people do when the Wii does its best, whine about it not being on your consoles. If thats the case, Stop complaining. The Wii has the special Exclusives that make it worth buying and this game is just adding to the already impressive Library of Exclusives


    << LINK REMOVED >> I whine as long as it's not on pc *lol*

    No, but seriously, ofc I will whine if a game comes out on a console I do not own.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Here here! Skyward Sword, Metroid Prime 3, Xenoblade, Last Story, Smash Bros, Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. I held off on buying a PS3 for a while. Just picked one up this summer because when it launched I was really only interested in Metal Gear Solid 4. But the Wii on the other hand while at launch didn't have titles I wanted, I knew that they would come.

    The wii still has some of the best games in terms of art direction, skyward sword, and xenoblade and last story obvious examples. Microsoft and Sony seem content to churn out the next Uncharted or the next Halo which is ok if you like those games but Nintendo always finds ways to use its hardware and artistry to create memorable experiences. I.e. windwaker, Skyward sword.


    wii = game's destroyer , wii u = game's crasher this is an opinion.


    look << LINK REMOVED >>


    I loved this game. The story is definitely on par with Xenoblade and the combat system is soooo fun. It isn't the longest rpg but I think the price there askin for is more then worth it for this gem. You really should buy it before judging it.


    Perfect, I finally a have a justifiable reason to buy a wii, All I like on the wii is zelda and smash bros, really happy that the wii has a good rpg


    << LINK REMOVED >> Have you tried Metroid Prime 3 corruption? Or maybe the Goldeneye remake. Or Madworld? Red Steel 2?


    << LINK REMOVED >> Don't forget Xenoblades


    Finished this yesterday and though LS isn't quite on par with Xenoblade, it's still definitely one of the best games in this generation. Everyone who has Wii have no reason not to buy this, or if you don't, go buy Wii and buy this, Xenoblade and Pandora's Tower.


    It's a shame that after the stellar Lost Odyssey, Microsoft basically kicked Mistwalker to the curb and now they're stuck making games on the Wii.


    << LINK REMOVED >> You act as if thats a bad thing? shame on Microsoft. There are more important things than graphical processing power. Remember back in the days of the NES? or maybe even the N64, we got games like Ocarina of time and they still play just fine today.

    Eye Candy is nice but you can still make great games on a system like the wii. And this comes from a person who also has a PS3. WIi offers games that simply arent on other consoles.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Nintendo was involved in The Last Story and they own the Trademark.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Stuck? I'd say Wii is an improvement. It's not on par with other consoles, but that's why devs can focus more on story and gameplay, they don't have to make the game compete with other magnificent looking games on other consoles and PC. Besides, I think at least Xenoblade looked much better than many games on 360 or PS3, environments, especially forests, were really great looking.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Not really, to develop a game on the wii you pretty much have to downscale some things due to it's limitations, which probably adds even more effort to developement than simply using "normal" graphics and AI.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Oh right what happen with FFXIII lack of towns and sidequest


    False. Developing HD graphics is incredibly difficult, frustrating, and time consuming. There's no downscaling, Mistwalker built Last Story from the ground up AND put in great visuals as well, wihtout the pressure of having to have it look amazing as they would have on the HD consoles, which would have taken months from development (yes, months), ultimately distracting from the gameplay and story.<< LINK REMOVED >>


    << LINK REMOVED >> False. Developing HD graphics is incredibly difficult, frustrating, and time consuming. There's no downscaling, Mistwalker build Last Story from the ground up AND put in great visuals as well, wihtout the pressure of having to have it look amazing as they would have on the HD consoles, which would have taken months from development (yes, months), ultimately distracting from the graphics.


    If only it wasnt on wii. I dont want to own wii for the few good RPG:s that it has. Such a shame.


    << LINK REMOVED >> "Few good" is an understatement, more like "Few best games ever made" :D


    << LINK REMOVED >> He is right, you're just a fanboi


    << LINK REMOVED >> Still he's right...Why on Earth would they release such magnificent titles for Wii and not for PS3 or Xbox 360! Multi platform i understand but Wii Exclusive???? That's some serious bulls*** if u ask me!



    I find it funny how you say you are not a whiny bitch, then proceed to whine and bitch for a few badly-written...I assume they are paragraphs? Also, if your main complaint is money, then why are you saying they should push the tech of the console harder (Therefore driving the cost of INDIVIDUAL consoles up) instead of designing games for them? I happen to own all three consoles, but only came into possession of a PS3 a few months back when I found one second-hand for cheaps, and my Xbox 360 was actually from a friend who picked up a revised one due to fear of a RRoD. I am extraordinarily lucky, and I accept this and make up for it by playing as many of these exclusives as possible. Exclusivity means less development time mapping controls to different handsets (Some Xbox and PS3 games have minigames that STINK of being made for a Wiimote), less time making sure it can run on all systems, and more time actually making sure it can run on THIS one and have fluid controls. Exclusivity is a good thing, not a bad thing. Even though I am replying to this thread 4 months later, I feel like this is an important point for you to learn. Along with a few others: Graphics does not equal innovation, gameplay and story is more important than looking purdy and the Wii makes up for the lackluster graphics by having fun concepts, actual innovation in the industry with motion controls and, gaspshockhorror, exclusive games.

    Get back to me when the PS3 and XBox make an RPG as compelling as TLS, until then, stand down soldier.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> You make it sound like it is easy bying consoles of next gen.Really you bought a PS3? WELL done good for you lad, look how much we care: NOT A BIT! And first of all i didn't whine and squeal or did any of the sort.You on the other hand went on a typing rage to explain to us how pissed off you are.Butt hurt? not at all i am not gonna cut my veins vertically because of a good game that didn't come out for my console.It wouldn.t be the first one!As a matter of fact i always wanted to play DOA 3 and DOA 4 but couldn't due to Xbox exclusiveness...Now look at Team Ninja!They are going multi platform with DOA 5.And you know what i did to enjoy those two titles i never got to play?Rented an xbox and knocked my self out. That's right i stand for Multi platform games cause buying 3 consoles just to be safe on every side and play every game is stupid and only for rich little boys like you that love spending papa's paycheck on entertaining their sorry asses.Maybe when you grow and get a job , you will actually learn to appreciate the concept of "economy". I own a PS3 and a gaming PC and i never bitch about anything.I just stated that multi platform is much fairer and legit than console exclusive.And let's not hide behind our fingers...Wii pales in comparison to the other competitors due to it's technical inferiority.If Console Devs wish to have more people buying their consoles they should make create according to the latest tech and always comparing the other market competitors making tweaks and improvements upon them, not making exclusive titles to beg for sales!!


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> God why would anyone release a magnificent title on any one system and not others. System exclusives are essential. You act like the Wii can't have any good games simply cause its the Wii? You must be really butthurt? Also because Microsoft gave mistwalker the boot. Why wouldn't the wii have its exclusives? Metroid, Zelda, Mario. You expect Nintendo to give up its 3 most famous IP's to a competitor. NO. For the very same reason you will never see a Gears of War or God of War or Halo on a Nintendo system.

    Heaven forbid a console having its own exclusives. If every game was made for every platform it kind of would make having different platforms pointless wouldn't it?

    I wanted to play Metal Gear Solid 4 when it first came out but couldn't afford the system. Did I bitch and moan cause it didn't come to Wii? No. Instead I waited and just recently bought a PS3 this past summer and one of the games I bought was MGS4. Stop being such a whiney little brat and lamenting over a game you damned well you will never get because your too damned cheap to buy the system it is on.


    Another soon to be "victim" of a 3 paycheck month!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Do i have Deja vu, or has this game already came out?


    << LINK REMOVED >> It was released in March in the PAL region, but it comes out tomorrow (8/14) in the US. This review was written when it came out in Europe (check the date), but I assume Gamespot bumped it back to their front page because of the US release.


    I cant wait to sex this game on Tuesday.


    Looks fantastic, can't wait to play.


    I will be getting this game


    this and xenoblade are easly the only games that i enjoyed on the wii...


    Xenoblade Chronicles is better.


    << LINK REMOVED >> REALLY WELL SAID my friend, Xenoblade is so far the best rpg game that ive played after Dragon-Quest!


    << LINK REMOVED >> To me Xenoblade is the best game I've ever played.


    Now we only need Pandora's Tower.


    This could be the Wii's swan song.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Along with Xenoblade yes...I agree.


    its good, but too short. i beat it my first time in 15 hours. xenoblade took me 80 hours


    << LINK REMOVED >> 15 hours? Seriously? I'm not sure how far I'm in the game, but I just learned to swim and I've already played little over 14 hours.


    these babes can't wait to play! << LINK REMOVED >>


    bring also pandora to NA, and i will have all my great rpg fix


    I've played this game whenever I could since buying it and loved it from start to finish. I'm relatively new to RPG and I've probably used my Wii more in the last few months since getting Skyward Sword, my first Zelda game. I'm now deciding which to get next Xenoblade or Pandora's Tower? My Wii is no longer gathering dust!


    I'm on my secound round of Xenoblade, you guys were right. I'm trying to clear all quests and complete the affinity and skill trees. Only niggling thing for me though is that I was level 85 when I completed the first round after 170 hours, I did spend a lot of running around trying to find impossible things, like rainbow slugs etc and getting to the end boss was too easy to beat, however just for the music and the sheer expanse of this world and the graphics it's only a small niggle.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Xenoblade is an absolute triumph... It would be a tragedy to miss that...I promise you.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Just get all the Classic Zeldas (via the virtual console) and your set.


    << LINK REMOVED >> XENOBLADE! It is one of the best games I have ever played, and I like to think that I am picky (some may disagree though). It has a great story, at least 50 hours of gameplay (just for the main story, side quests should add at least 50 more hours), add the gameplay is great too (don't even get me started on the music, I could rant for hours on how great/wonderful/beautiful it is) :)




    << LINK REMOVED >> Xenoblade I say! Believe the hype surrounding the game, it's awesome.


    It's fun to read and laugh at all the massively thumbed down comments saying "Hurr, only for Wii makes it bad, durr!"


    I'm having doubts about this one for some reason...


    << LINK REMOVED >> Me too, I read that it is only about 20 hours of personally I want more out of a game then that.


    "Heaps of side quests" Is this a joke ? Giving good points is a thing, but lying is something different...


    I won't spoiler anything, but this game ends in a very sad way... Worth getting, anyway! The story pretty much feeds your narrative needs, trust me, it's awesome. Xenoblade is even better, I'm glad the Wii can end its lifetime with such franchises. Pandora's Tower looks dull though... No offence, but I can't imagine how another jrpg can beat those two ones, they've got to be among the best rpgs I ever played in my whole life, and they came out within half an year, that's just surprising.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Xenoblade is definitely in my top 10 favorite games ever, I am considering buying Last Story but am not quite sure yet. I read that there is only about 20 hours of gameplay? Pandora's Tower looks a little weird story-wise, but there are like 5 different ways the game can end, which I thought was interesting.


    This game is very awesome i am buying this game when it comes out in June


    It's a good game, Wii needs more RPGs like this and Xenoblade. The only thing i have against it, it's that is VERY short... and RPG that you can finish in less than 30 hours is too short.


    Already on chapter 36 and feels like you can beat this game in a few days. Well average from what I read is 24 hours. It's very good though!!! About time we get a real RPG with an actual story that's good! Unlike the new FF on PSCRAP


    This game is excellent! I can fell the 90s magic in it! a must have for jrpg fans!


    I believe this game must be A MUST for every Wii-user! :D


    the Japanese finally rediscovered how to make an Epic RPG. It is sad to be only for wii. I'll definitely play this game.


    << LINK REMOVED >> I don't think that it's sad that it's only for Wii (my personal opinion). I think it's great that people are willing to play new great games even if the graphics aren't the best around.


    wish it was in HD!!!!!!!! with an option for 3D!!!!!!!! this game has been a long time coming.


    << LINK REMOVED >> That would be awsome.


    no PS3 edition?


    << LINK REMOVED >> RPGS are most commonly played on nintendo's consoles and action, adventure, racing and shooting are on the xbox and ps3. Thats how i think so.

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