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Starting from the load-screens and straight on 'til morning, Command & Conquer is one of the most brilliantly designed computer games I have ever seen.

Execution and details are 90 percent of what makes a good game great. When your Command & Conquer commando sprite unexpectedly shouts, "Got a present for ya!" before slapping a wad of C-4 to a SAM site, well, it kinda gives you a warm fuzzy feeling all over. Starting from the load-screens and straight on 'til morning, Command & Conquer is one of the finest, most brilliantly-designed computer games I have ever seen. Focusing on the global conflict between the fictional Global Defense Initiative (read "NATO with a budget problem") and Brotherhood of Nod (read "Illuminati meets Warsaw Pact") organizations, Command & Conquer puts the player in complete charge of fast-paced, squad-level military operations utilizing a wide variety of troops, ground vehicles, base installations, air strikes, and production facilities.

Throwing in just enough full-motion video to build the proper mindset between scenarios, C&C's main hook is its battlefield action: real-time, command-based, and simultaneous. Thus, you may send a squad of grenadiers to take out an enemy airfield to stop the influx of reinforcements, and suddenly realize that as you've been doing this, bazookamen have started bashing your one production facility. Of course rerouting a group of tanks to deal with the bazooka menace turns out to be exactly what the enemy wanted you to do, and as 20 minigunners close on your undefended HQ, you anxiously count the seconds to the next friendly air strike that'll make everything nice again. The tension produced by so many multiple layers of real-time interaction is what computer gamers live for, and a number of different high-energy soundtracks keep adrenaline levels maxed out. Playing the entire conflict in the role of the other side makes for twice the gameplay value, and I don't even want to think about what's going to happen when the six-player networkable version comes out. Highly, highly recommended.

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people that don't like this game should be liquified


I wonder if the author ever played the game longer than 10 minutes before giving it a high score.

The gameplay is nice, but the game itself sucks more than any Microsoft product.

Bugs, crashes, script errors, you all find it here.

Tested the game on several systems with several browsers and it was almost impossible to play longer than 15 minutes without a crash or a (well known) script error, forcing you to restart your browser.

This happens in Chrome, Firefox (although Firefox often refuses even to start the game) and Internet explorer.

Another funny fact is that the crappy code doesnt even recognise a new IE and just gives the advise to upgrade my browser to the "new" IE 9  (i'm using IE11 but hey, apparently that's not recognised)

On my game pc (running windows 8 and a GTX 670) it warns me that i probably wont enjoy the full graphics unless i upgrade my videocard. Guess a 670 isnt enough to run the crappy code.

Also when you try to start the game, you first have to click through the certificate errors and hope you are at the real site. EA didnt bother to check the site for a valid certificate, so you get a free warning everytime you start the game.

That is: if you can get into the game. Ofte it gives a error 500 at login (or during gameplay)  and suddenly "forget" your session.

And ofcourse, the same thing happens often when you try to buy credits. You'll get a free error too. But not until the bank has deducted the amount of money from your bank account, forcing you to make another call to their "great"servicecenter, trying to convince them yuo actually did pay and not canceled the transaction.

So my advice is that if you're in for a (mental) challenge then try the game. Try at your own risk.

Better is to stay away from this crappy code until EA fixed id, but looking at the complaints at their forum, there isnt much chance for that.


@rienke999 I'm sure the author did play form more than 10 minutes. But he posted his review in May 1996 and wrote about the original 1995 Command & Conquer. This was a great game for it's time and very influential on the RTS-genre. From what I can remember, the game ran quite smoothly (in single-player anyway), not a lot of script errors, and it certainly wasn't run in a browser. I assume you're talking about the web-based Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances, which is another game entirely.

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