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Alien Sky is an unpretentious Galaga knockoff in which your little spaceship must relentlessly dodge from side to side while shooting at endless fleets of alien fighters.

Remember those arcade shoot-'em-up classics Galaga and Galaxian? Alien Sky pays homage to those games, featuring the same simple design that places you in a modestly armed space ship that must defeat hundreds of swarming alien foes. All you can do besides shoot is move side to side, dodging the aliens' suicidal dashes as well as their streams of deadly bullets. What distinguishes Alien Sky from its 20-year-old predecessors is that you'll face a variety of increasingly powerful enemies, and you'll need to take advantage of numerous power-up items that occasionally appear. Every 12 stages, you'll also take on a powerful boss opponent of some sort. Alien Sky's pretty, smoothly animated 3D graphics and true-to-its-roots gameplay make it work well as a gussied-up nostalgia piece, and the gameplay is fun for a while. However, the rather large size of your ship and the somewhat slippery mouse-driven controls make it difficult to resist the onslaught after the first few levels, each one consisting of a dozen stages. Some difficulty options would have been welcome here. As it stands, Alien Sky is a nicely produced tribute to a style of gameplay that's still quite fun in spite of its age.

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The Good
Faithfully captures the feel of the classic arcade games that inspired it
Numerous power-ups and tricky opponents add some much-needed variety
Good-looking graphics
The Bad
Difficulty can be overwhelming, no thanks to controls that feel a bit laggy
Power-ups are crucial, so if you die and lose them, you'll probably die again soon
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    Fly your spaceship and dodge from side to side while shooting at endless fleets of alien fighters in Alien Sky.
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