Adding some new things to a genre that's dying flat on it's bum. Umbrella Chronicles is a fantastic on rails shooter.

User Rating: 8 | Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles WII
Umbrella Chronicles is a step away from the traditional Resident Evil theme. Umbrella Chronicles is an on-rails shooter set in the events of RE0, RE1 and Outbreak. The game also includes a brand new scenario named "Umbrella's End" but I'm not going to spoil things as one of RE's biggest strengths has always been the plot. The gameplay is standard shooter, you shoot stuff and computer does moving for you. What's cool is that there are breakable object in the background that often unveil hidden items including ammo and healing items. Depending on how well you did in the level you are given Star Poins and these can be used to upgrade your weapons which is a must if you want to beat some of the harder sections of the game.

Now this game ain't easy fi you want to beat the game you'll have to repeat stages to find out what to hit and when to hit it and what weapons you should be saving ammo for. Beating the stages is a bit of trail and error but beating the bosses takes skill as you have to unload at it's weak at the right time to avoid being smashed. This game also takes a page from RE4 by having cutscenes where you have to mash buttons or shake the wii-mote to dodge stuff.

This game also has a 2-player co-op mode, while not all levels are 2-player most of them are plus you can even unlock two player for the levels that are usually one player! Having a friend to play instantly makes the game a bit easier as you have more firepower and a larger life bar. The downside is that you both have to get the cutscenes correct or you both take damage (you share a life bar you see).

Umbrella Chronicles is a fantastic entry in the genre. It has solid gameplay, some new mechanics and an awesome and fun 2-player co-op mode.