Probably the best on-rails shooter.

User Rating: 8 | Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles WII
On-rails shooter its not a very popular genre, only a few games like the old virtua cop series on the saturn and the time crisis series on the playstation consoles have made a stand in this genre. Resident evil was originaly a game where you controlled a character in a scenario and than you move to another scenario and controll your characters there, most of this scenarios didn't move with the player, they were just static. If I'm not wrong (sorry if I am) only in Resident evil 3 some scenarios followed the player on his movement. After 3 chapters on the Resident evil franchise, capcom decided to take a break from this formula and launched Resident Evil: Survivor on the market, this game was an on-rails shooter set in the world of Resident evil. The game got well known probably not because it was a great game, since it was a poor game, but because it wears the name of the Resident evil franchise. Later on capcom took resident evil to a different way with the shoulder camera in resident evil 4, this was a great idea and the game its for me the best resident evil because with this camera we have much more action.
The idea looked cool... Kill all that zombies in a first person perspective could be a lot of fun and you were closer to them so you could watch some zombies really close.
Two other on-rails games from resident evil franchise were released on the PS2 without much success.
Capcom saw in the Wii the opportunity to make a new on-rails shooter because of the innovative wii controls that can easily be used as a light-gun, did this title got better than the others?


In The Umbrella Chronicles you'll be visiting a lot of places from Resident evil 0, the original Resident evil and Resident evil 3: Nemesis, it will be nice to look again at this places once again, but now they are better detailed but with the same old creepy look.
There are some bad textures here and there but the game has much detail and captures the essence of the resident evil franchise into this on-rails shooter.
The zombies, dogs, monsters and other old friends look better than ever in this resident evil, all the areas in the game have the ambience of resident evil and obviously the good detailed "bad guys" give it a good additional look.


Its an on-rails shooter, so you know how the gameplay is right? not really... Despite the easy to pick controls that you are already expecting from an on-rails shooter with a light-gun there are some new features added into this one. Its good to see that when they want, people can have some good ideias in a genre that as been played the same way a long time ago, its not a revolutionary gameplay but certainly saves Unbrella chronicles from being just another on-rails shooter with infinit pistol bullets and an ocasional machinegun to kill lots of bad guys.
Using the nunchuck you can look around a little so you doesn't look like u really have to see that angle in that room at that time, you can also pick up objects from the ground, sometimes you need to break something to see some items.
You start unbrella chronicles with a standart pistol with unlimited ammo, but this weapon obviously gets almost useless with the time, you can pick up other weapons with limited ammo such as SMGs, shotguns... that kind of stuff. This weapons are better than the unlimited pistol but have limited bullets so you better use them wisely, at the course of the game you'll earn stars, your weapons can be upgraded with stars to have more bullets in the cartdrige, more damage etc.
The enemies in Umbrella chronicles have what we call a weak point, if you shoot this weak point it results on a one shot kill, this makes you try to not waste all the bullets at a time in one single enemy, unfortunetly even if you play 40 hours straight you will probably not be able to perform 100x straight one-hit-kills because you need luck to shoot at the weak point since its a really small one.
With some changes it gets better than all the other on-rails shooters but its still pretty limited and the weak point need more work.


All the soundeffects are there and sound good, but the soundtracks are just bad and really don't fit the action at all, sometimes nothing is happening and there is a stressed music in the background, and othertimes theres a lot of action and a very calm music, also doesn't fit the Resident evil ambient at all, this is the worst point about this game.


An on-rails shooter lasts something like 1 hour to get through all the game some a little more and some a little less than that, but Umbrella Chronicles can last for an awsome record of 5 hours at least, this is an impressive achievement in this genre. Also you'll want to replay the game to get all the files with a lot of information about the background story of the Resident Evil series.
The game does not present a new story at all, it just goes through the events of resident evil 0, resident evil and resident evil 3: nemesis, the game also recreates some of the best moments from that titles, I was just sad because Resident Evil 4 was left out of this, its my favorite resident evil.


Resident evil fans will be pleased with the game, maybe a rental for the ones who don't care about resident evil or dont like on-rail shooters will do but its a game I easily recomend if you have a Wii and like resident evil, even if you think on-rail shooters sucks theres a lot of information about the series in this title. I would give this game a 7 because of the notes I atributed to each category but since I think the game does a lot for the genre and its a pretty interesting title I'm giving it an 8.