Bringing back the old Resident Evil Survival Horror.

User Rating: 8.5 | Resident Evil: Revelations 3DS
Resident Evil was one of the gre-atest survival horror games ever made and when Resident Evil 5 was announced I was anticipated with fear and played all Resident Evil games to prepare for the game and when I got to play it, it was more action then survival horror and was disappointed by it's actually funny when I didn't realize it at first with all the anticipation :/. The Story is actually awesome with a lot of confusion here and there but pick it up later on it really is great. Resident Evil Revelations takes place after 4 and before 5 in a cruise ship off the coast where it is being said that Chris Redfield and his new partner Jessica Sherawat were last heard from on the ship went missing and a team called BSAA is sent to investigate and find them. You play as Jill Valentine with her new partner Parker Luciani in the abandon cruise ship in search of Chris only to find their worst nightmares are turning for the worst. Of course you'll meet some new characters and some old faces. The Gameplay is about the same as the other Resident Evil games. It uses the Resident Evil 4 and 5 gameplay mechanics and of course uses the touch screen and it uses it really well and clever as well.The enemies in this game are a real pain in the ass. (Sorry for the language) but really not only they are hard to kill, they are literally everywhere, and most of the times they like to travel in pacts and ammo is rare to find in this game, but of course the most pain in the ass about them is they can kill you easily even on Normal especially that one big one with the chainsaw thing on it's arm, 1-hit kill... really? So you'll be constantly keep watching the You are Dead screen for quite sometime. One thing that made me like this game is that it is actually scary. I haven't been scared like that in awhile possibly because I played in that dark with my ear phones made it more scarier but it still gave me chills. The Music is ominous it makes the game even scarier even the sound effects. Hearing the groans of the creatures or cries of some creatures or even hearing them talk (yes some of them talk) makes you want to play with some lights on or at least with someone near. The guns all sound alike; all pistols sound the same, all shotguns sound the same, all rifles sound the same, etc. The Graphics, oh man the graphics what can I say they are literally the best graphics I've seen in the 3DS yet. Everyone looks so detailed, the guns look so detailed, the monsters look so detailed, the water looks SOOO detailed, hell everything about this game looks so amazing (aside from the occasional clipping from some character movement). The Controls as I mention above plays like Resident Evil 4 and 5. This game allows you to move and shoot at the same time but while doing so you cannot aim so managing that is going to take some time. You can move the camera with the touch screen but it won't do much since if you move it will reset back. Resident Evil may not have been what it use to be but Revelations will no doubt bring back all the memories you have jumping and screaming (not literally) but will no doubt give you the chills and of course will give you more background story of the Resident Evil saga.


Story: 9.5
Gameplay: 7.5
Sound: 9.0
Graphics: 9.5
Controls: 8.5

Overall: 8.8