Finally a handheld Resident Evil game and finally a faithfull port

User Rating: 9 | BioHazard: Deadly Silence (Limited Pack) DS
Are´nt we done with those ports of Resident Evil 1 yet? i mean, since RE1 was released for PSone in 1996 the game had been ported to the PC, Sega Saturn, GBC (it was canceled however) and Gamecube which where a remake, so now people must be tired of all those RE1 ports but Capcom dosént think so by releasing RE1on the DS under the name RE DS (Deadly Silence). Note: this review will only focus on the changes on the DS version
The game follows the story of the PSone version, mystrious murders have taken place in Raccoon City, the local police force R.P.D sends out S.T.A.R.S (Special Tactics And Rescue Squad) Bravo Team in the forest to invastigate, however the lose contact with them and so they decide to send in the S.T.A.R.S Alpha Team out in the forest to find the missing Bravo people however as they land they are attacked by some kind of monsters and escapes into a nearby mansion however they discover that the mansion is full of zombies! now the surviving S.T.A.R.S members must survive this nightmare while finding the Bravo people and solve this mystery.

As in the PSone version you can chose between 2 characters: Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield both character have driffent abilites like: Jill can hold 8 items and she´s weak and Chris is stronger than Jill but he can only hold 6 items, in theroy Jill is the easiest character to play as since she can hold more items than Chris, however they both have to solve the same puzzles
and get´s the same items, however the story is a little driffent so that leaves some replay valve.

The DS version adds 3 modes: Classic mode, Rebirth mode and Wi-Fi multiplayer. The classic mode is the orginial PSone version with no changes, classic mode holds up pretty well as those the other modes. Rebirth mode it the DS version with added puzzles traps and the RE4 like game which enbles you to instantly switch to a knife during the game and reload during a fight also it shows you how much ammo you have left and that´s a good thing since you always had to guees how much ammo you had left in the PSone version. The new puzzles are also good because not only are they pretty well thought (well some of them) but they also requries
you to use the touch screen which works very well but they do feel a bit taged, also there´s a mastering of knifing mini-game in this mini game you´ll switch to first-person and your only armed with a knife, so you must kill some monsters with the knife and it might be a little easy since you can´t move. in the multiplayer mode you can play with up to 4 people in a deathmatch like where 4 players compete to see who can kill most zombies thereby gaing points, a racing mode where players must get from start to finish as quickly as possible, and a co-op where players have to get from start to finish also players will have to find keys and solve puzzles so it feels like the Outbreak series with it´s online multiplayer (well except you can´t tell comands like in Outbreak but that would be a useless feature). In multiplayer you can play as various characters from the single player game like: Jill, Chris, Barry and Wesker and there are 3 levels, the only minus in the multiplayer mode is that you can´t see the players your playing with, also if you want to play it with your friends they´ll need a copy of the game each and that´s not good since most of the DS games allows multiplayer with people who don´t have the game (like Mario Kart DS) otherwise the multiplayer is a nice extra.

All of the music and sound effects are translated over to the DS version and they sound just as the PSone version does, the voice acting and dialogue is pretty bad but it´s fun to see it´s translated fully into the game.

The graphics looks a bit washed out and there´s isínt as much detail as you want but otherwise the graphics are good.

The game is about 6-7 hours on your first playthough with both characters so that leaves a total of 12-14 hours, also there´s unlockble characters for the multiplayer, there´s some events that will happen on your second through and there´s a couple of endings so there is defently some replay valve.

REDS is a great game and this port is also very good, if your a old or new RE fan you should buy this game, if your a new RE fan and started with RE4 then you probaly should get this to see how it all began and what the fuss was about, if your a hardcore RE fans you might only get this because of the extras, but otherwise this is a good port it´s better than the other RE ports Capcom made so it´s a good game.