It is an awesome game and...

the graphic are good. I like that you can ride around playing in free roam. It is very easy to get the cops to come after you. It took me some time to get them to follow and they don't give up easily. If you cant get them to follow you than you can call the police and they will come to you. It is a great multilayer game, it plays up to four people. You can play the game four different ways. Like the Wii controller, Wii controller and the nunchuck, the virtual controller and the game cub controller. In the game you start off with some nice cars but you need to work to get the others. This game dose not have as many as some of the other games systems or games. The game is under rated but that is what people think. The game has some really cool things in it. Like when you go undercover you are racing other drivers and the police. Some of the cars in the game are really cool and they each have something different to offer.