A materpice of a game.... words can not describe how great it is

User Rating: 9.5 | Red Dead Redemption PS3
This is the probably the best game rockstar ever made and ever will make there is no reason why you shouldn't buy this game, and spend hours upon hours playing it.
Yes this is technically a sequal to "Red dead revolver", but no one played that game and i think rockstar knew that as i never had any trouble understanding what was happening. The basic story is you are John marston, your family has been taken by the government and they won't give them back until you hunt down some of the gang members you used to ride with. The story is well told by great writing and intersting charecters who leave a big impact. The game is HUGE, this has always been a staple of Rockstar but i was blown away at the size of the world and how much there is to do in it, you can accept bounties, help stranges, hunt, storm gang hideouts and so much more. It's also amazing how much life they put into this game, you'll pass by other cowboys, see other people hunting, wild animals can attack you, it feels like a living western world. The game's size is also one of the problems i have with the game, most of the missions require you to travel great distance, and then you ussualy need to re-travel that distance to get the next mission. This is esspesialy prevelent around the halfway point.
The graphics in the game are really good, but they never blew me away like games such as uncharted 2 or god of war III did. Rockstar however made everything extreamly detailed and overall the game looks good.
As i said before the voice acting is amazing, some of the best i've heard from a game. All the voices fit the charecters and the game dose it's best not to make the cliche.
One other little gripe i have about the game is the last hour or two is kind of boring and it leads to an un-satisfying (at least for me) conclusion.
Critics have complianed about gliches in this game but only encounterd a couple.
And i haven't even started on the multiplayer yet!
There are your typical deathmatch, team-deathmatch, capture the flag ect. But there is also a free roam mode where you and up to 15 (i think) other people can do whatever you want in the game's single player world.
Overall this is a fantastic game that i have some minor gripes with, but there is som uch content in the game that i can safely say that you are getting your money's worth with a puchase.