Much better then the first FlatOut!

Awesome game I must say. FlatOut 2 is much better the fist one. You have three types of cars:
1. type is DERBY - these are the most awesome tuned car, and i mean the most, because these cars have spoilers in front, back (up) and usual one.
2. type is RACE - these are simple race cars. Like you can see them when you are at race ;)
3. type is STREET - these beauties are real lady's. These car are the most expensive cars and their outlook are like new car what got tuned.

After every time you have complete 1 "mission" you got STUNT mission. In type 1 car you got derby, and you can ram other cars to WRECK!, in simple mission this will give you 2000 bonus (money). Also there are in every type and level special STUNT where you can get more money then usual derby. in type 2 car you got have change to race for money in special road and also a special STUNT. In type 3 car you got street race, but this is unknown for me jet because i must make money to get tune my car up before racing with my street car.

Also what is very important is that what kind a car you buy. Most of them are rear driving, but if you want race and be the first you must buy front or four wheelie (recommend by me).

Good playing!!!