Educational and interesting

User Rating: 9 | Railroad Tycoon II PC
Educational - why? you get to build a railroad system in different countries. If you haven't a clue where lepzig is well I have news for you...

Railroad tycoon II is an old school outlook to a business tycoon type of deal where you get to build railroad systems to connect cities or regions and transport goods and passengers.

The game opens your mind to creativity and strategy.... business strategy

you get to play with stock markets, understand real accounting invoices and what it means for you.... You have to replace old trains, upgrade new ones- use the good ones

You need to calculate elevation, distance, and which cities to connect too to get your business going before catering to everyone. You can play against competitors, buy out there companies or mess up there stock options.

Some may find this boring, but for those of you who have a sense of imagination, and a business sense, this game is actually worlds of fun.

Not to mention for your creative side, you can build your own maps to play in. it's cheap as hell on steam right now so it doesn't hurt to check it out.