if you dont own this game go out and buy it now, dont even read my review go out and buy the game!

User Rating: 9.5 | Psychonauts XBOX
in case you dont know this game is about a kid who breaks in to a camp full of kids with psycic powers.(i'de tell you more but I dont wan to ruin the story.) speaking of story this game sure has it! the real selling point is that you can leave reality and go inside peoples heads. when going into peoples heads it realy reflects the peoples personalitys. the level design makes it so it never feels like your doing the same thing twice. the graphics and levles are a strane mix of tim burtin and cat in the hat. the diolage will make you crack up and the charecters personalitys are varyed and real. even the items are crazy like the bacon that calls for help. the only thing thats stopping me from giving this a 10 is that it had this one small part where i had to get arrow heads to pay for this item and it took all in all 2 hours. if i could have one or six words to describe this game it would be insane or the best game i ever played.