Great games with some flaws... but really good and fun spent time playing it. Samurai rules! And Capcom too.

In short, Onimusha: Warlords is a game about Samanoske Akechi, a samurai that lives in feudal japan and fights with deamons to save princess and cousin Yuki, and against deamons of Nobunaga.
He was badass, but killed with an arrow.
Later on Nobunaga is revived by the genma and is bent on ruling the world. Samanoske's cousin yuki is kidnapped by the genma and is on a missin to save her. Game has great gameplay and sound - it is Capcom, and I love Capcom.
Someone said that this is Resident evil with sword, and it is so, but it is much shorter, which is kind this is not so good.
I also didn't like RE movements - it is ok with ranged weapon and shotgun, but when you have samurai with sword, sometimes (especially last boss) it is hard to turn around are her - it is SO slow, like truck:).
Of course, I didn't have THAT special weapon (i forgot name of that sword), which end fight in, like, 20 hits, so I was fighting that one with "plain" swords about ten minutes. Don't go there without medicine. Why they didn't wrighted on the wall??? :)
Although, movement it doesn't that bad, in overall. It ads to suspension.

There are cool weapons and magic attacks that you have at your disposal. The game isn't that long, as I write it, but there is never a dull moment. I played this game last summer, and have fun.