Whether you've played the first one or not, Prototype 2 is a fun and gory romp through a wide-open city.

User Rating: 8 | Prototype 2 PS3
I've been playing a lot of difficult, involved, long games lately. Mix in some online shooters and my gaming life lately has been intense. Prototype 2 is a refreshing entry to my collection, mainly because it isn't any of the things I listed above. The game is very easy and the story isn't very engaging. The plot itself is pretty cool, but the subplots and written story will not pull at any emotions. That being said, Prototype 2 is still a blast and an upgrade from a stellar first entry in the series. Running, jumping, and gliding through the city never gets old, and constant upgrades in a wide array of areas keep the simple combat fun and satisfying. New powers you get as you progress are bloddy-fun... literally. The gore factor is something you would see in a graphic novel, and its awesome. Most games I play lately feel unpolished, but Prototype 2 feels very complete. The graphics look great, and the sound design is superb. Even though it didn't take as big of a step forward as inFAMOUS 1 to 2, It's still a solid game that's worth playing for anyone who just wants to relax while playing.