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how about hardest game to pass ? not trophies , just complete.

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AA was very easy to get most trophies i got 90% of em and stopped with a few challanges were getting anoying but im sure there not that hard...

yeah SF4 is the hardest from the games i have that sagat doble knee or whatever im soo stuck in that game :/ but i stopped trying .

it has to be hard but also fun !! :)

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Splatterhouse ... doing some trophies :) not the greatest game but WE

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Has anyone played Just cause 2?

suprized me the most, i was expecting absolutly nothing of it. so i rented the game. wow it was so much fun i loved it :) try it out .

other great games that wasnt thinking much when i picked em up : Batmen AA, Dead space ,

most dissapointed far cry 2 it just sucked , too slow for me.

some others that didnt meet my expectations at all : little big planet ( yeah i don't like it) fear 2, dead rising 2 , prototype

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Thanks for the replys !!

GOW 3 i believe i passed it in 1 day :p didnt plat it tho wasnt interested in the challanges :/

motorstorm i was reading that it's hard but im not a big fan of racing games, same goes to GT5 and wipeout

Those Rpg mentioned i havent played neither i will look around for them :)

So far the hardest in my opinion to plat is street fighter 4 :/ haven't put that much effort into to it (get bored quick) but seems very hard to do so .

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Hi, i know there is a bunch of similar threads like this but some are a wile back...

now with all the new games out there please post , in your opinion of course :)

one of the reasons i'm doing this is because i searched for this "hard" game and i was told demon's souls... i passed it with no problem and got platinum in it with no problem so for me this games difficulty was waaaay overrated :/ so maybe some old schoolers out there who played some battletoads or ghost n' goblins, will understand were im coming from :p

Looking for the challenge :)

1) hardest ps3 game to pass

2) hardest ps3 game to complete