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Hi, i got a code for titanfall beta, played for about 2hrs then gave it a rest, went back and cant play!!! It says therw are no servers... anyone having the same issue?

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I just played a couple matches against the cpu... felt a lot like 13... i guess that most improvements this year come on the menus, modes and FUT chem systems rather than on the pitch... it's ok, i'm excited to get my FUT going again with this new chem system.

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No, this will be only sold on a disc that includes XCOM: enemy unknown + Elite soldier pack + slingshot DLC + ALL ENEMY WITHIN FEATURES. 

Here are the features EENEMY WITHIN includes:




I know it sucks having to re-buy the game (or in your case, pay for something you already got for free), but i guess that's just the way it is... im in a worse situation than you though, I have a digital copy (for XBOX 360) that I bought at full retail price, and now i can't even sell it, and I also bought both DLCs... so i'm kinda bumed about that but i don't care, i will buy this game... one of the best titles on current gen consoles IMO.

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The Gamespot review is taking a few days... i hope this is a good thing, and that whoever is reviewing this (do we know who is doing the review?) can apreciate the deep and gratifying combat this game has to offer beneath it's clunky unresponsive feel you get at the begining, we all know that this game is far from perfect, but the direction taken by red fly studios it's great, and once you give it some time this game becomes something you don't see much these days, a brawler with deep engaging combat, with a not so friendly learning curve that rather than taking away from the experience makes you feel all more accomplished when you beat that kinda steep learning curve...

so what do you think? will this game have a fair 7-8 score?? or will it be bashed like in gametrailers and gameinformer (who btw i thought they just didn't give it enough time). 

I really wish this game has a good review becouse it needs to sell well to have a sequel with a larger budget, and some people do lookup game reviews before buying.

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no problem, glad i could help, enjoy! ;)

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i totally recommend you buy the game... combat gets soo fun after a few upgrades and practicing at the dojo :D

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It's the same... price listed as local currency (i'm mexican so it is $185, mexican pesos that is)... but it's all the same, becouse if you had mspoints they automatically transfer to local currency, or if you use a mspoints prepaid card it autmatically translates to real money... so it's the same... 

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ohh.. and you are totally right about the camera... it's too close to your character and half the time you have to turn it manually to wherever you want to see... and there's no inverted Y axis for god's sake!!
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like manye have stated, combat at first feels clunky... but with a little leveling up and a few HOURS at the dojo, you will start to get the hang of it... A lot of people (included my self) have stated that it takes time to learn the combat, but once you do it's really fun and gratifying... and you'll see that it's quite different than de batman games...

just remember that countering here it's not reactive (unlike batman), it's more like a stance, and you have to press counter before the whole light cylinder (the counter indication on enemies) lights up... if you hit counter and don't misss (either you pressed to late and only block the attack, or you hit it and no one attacked you) it doesn't break your combo, as long as you hit someone before the "combo timer" goes out, you can keep going... practice at the dojo, combat gets soo good after the initial somewhat steep learning curve.


Good Luck!