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I've been able to find these lines in one of the .inis: [UnrealEd.UIEditorOptions] WindowPosition=(X=256,Y=256,Width=1024,Height=768) and changed it into [UnrealEd.UIEditorOptions] WindowPosition=(X=256,Y=256,Width=1440,Height=990) but the same error appears. Here's the screenshot: EDIT: I managed to find the answer. I logged in to admin acc, disabled UAC and started the game. Got the same error. Went back to the normal acc and noticed more files under [RM folder]\RemeberMeGame\Config, particularly DefaultAdriftGfxConfig.ini. Tried changing ResWidth and ResHeight there with no success. After that I discovered Unreal Engine config files in Documents\My Games\UnrealEngine3\RememberMeGame\config and found a file named ExampleAdriftGfxConfig.ini there, which is the same as DefaultAdriftGfxConfig.ini, and I changed the values of ResHeight and ResWidth to match with the other file. After starting the game it works fine.
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I have this problem when I start the game, so I figured out that resolution in which the game starts is higher than my monitor resolution(the 'box' is higher, but tighter, so instead 1440x990 I have ~1400x990+). Can anyone help me find the .ini from where the resolution is set? I've been searching, but unsuccessfully.