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Could try Dungeon Defenders

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You can buy Ultima 1-3 all together on gog.com for only 6 dollars!

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It is certainly harder than dark souls.

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Rage. The ending was a complete joke.



This as well!
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beyond good and evil hd

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I am pretty sure your child will hate video games if he plays with the kinect.

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Lets just cut through the crap already.
You have obviously already made up your mind to buy Just Dance 4 instead.

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Lost Odyessy and Eternal Sonata.

Fair warning Eternal Sonata has a pretty depressing story. But after playing that game I became a huge fan of Frederic Chopin and romantic period music in general.

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I enjoy it quite a bit. 5 dollars is a pretty good price for it.

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I went with Windstad manor. I have a storage room, library, and bedrooms. I don't like the fact that you are limited as to what you can have in each wing either. One piece of advice is to let your steward do the furnishings. I started building my house and I decided to furnish it myself since it is much cheaper that way, but in the end I spent 8 hours all together building all the wings and then spend large amounts of time just trying to find enough iron ingots in all the holds. It is especialy exhausting considering how it seems that almost 30% of that time was spent looking at a loading screen. It may cost more to have your steward do all the work, but in the end its worth it.