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Thank you both!  I've been driving myself crazy trying lol.

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I cannot build a bridge in my city to save my life.  It says that the "road grade is too steep".  Anyone else having this problem?  Any tips?

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First off to all the people saying that Jay-Z can't rap, and are not even fans of the genre, shut the hell up. Second, Jay-Z over the past few years has made many obscure videogame references in his songs, including his latest album where he makes mention of "Outer Heaven" in the song "Thankyou". Sooo he must play a little more than Madden. Even if, who cares? He can buy and sell your suburban asses.

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I'm at 91% updating the beta. It's been downloading for the last 5 hours. I hope that it's good.

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uniting the community.


Funiest thing I ever heard this year.

It will united my community of friends. We all play Street Fighter IV, yet we can only chat with the person that we're currently in a match with. Now if that's funny you have one hell of a sense of humor my friend.

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This option is only good if it dont interfer in online games, I hate when ppl socialise with there friends and family itbores you out of the game.


Who the hell cares what you hate? Cross chatting is a necessary optional feature that should've been implemented updates ago.

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I don't get some of you idiots. If you got the 360 on the brain that much just buy one.

Anyway, I've been pining for cross game chat since I bought a PS3. I feel that it's a necessary feature for uniting the community.

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If Sony wants the mainstream to jump on this whole "digital downloads are the future" thing, then they need to update the store more than once a week. And btw, a couple of weeks ago the store did indeed update on a Friday as opposed to Thursday. Sony even apologized for the delay.

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I just so happen to have dropped a major hint in front of my girlfriend today about wanting this game for my birthday. It looks brutal, unforgiving, and awesome.

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The first thing I bought was Rub a Dub, and the last game I bought was Shatter.