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these sort of games shouldn't have multiplayer

What you expect?? Last of Us now its just an Uncharted 3 with infected people.

By that you mean it's a third person shooter with infected people? Aka, what we have known all along.

No, I say its the same damn game with another dress.
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Don´t count with it, The Last Guardian its as dead as Xbox One fan base. :lol:

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The only connected are silent hill 1 & 3, the others make references but just that. Ive played the original ps2 silent hill 2 & 3 and Homecoming for ps3, and all are good games, i dont play Downpour
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[QUOTE="ultimameteora"]Based on the demo I give it an 8.0Azzurri22

With "demo" clearly being the operative word. It's pretty pointless grading a demo, particularly of a game in this style/genre.

as the demo come out 31 May, it has to be a demostration of a work at least at a 90%, and its not as amazing as they show us in the videos, they release videos from cinematics what are awesome, but gameplay not match that level. Even in the demo we see the cinematic when they come out of the sewers and when turn to the gamplay its evident the change of graphics, if you dont noticed or just deny it well thats up to you, but I dont get amazed with that. Im fan of Naughty Dog games, I own since the Crash series to the Ucharted series and I have to say I feel a bit disapointed with this.
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Honestly though whos buying The last of Us for multiplayer.... I probably will never get around to playing it.

Just like tomb raider, I haven't touched the multiplayer because of the single player experience.


these sort of games shouldn't have multiplayer

What you expect?? Last of Us now its just an Uncharted 3 with infected people.
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I didn't think the graphics were that great and It felt too much like Uncharted, Joel even kind of looks like Nathan Drake, at least let me play as Ellie. Uncharted is good but I want to play something different, I think if they had kept it strictly survival horror like Dead Space it would have been better, unless it gets high scores I'll probably pass on it.ultimameteora
Totally agree!
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You really aren't missing much. The demo is extremely short. bbkkristian
and not impressive at all, although is a demo I feel it just as ordinary as another third person game

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looks cool but I feel like it's just a tad bit overrated even though I didn't try it. (swarm me with disagrees)

I'll try the demo.

I agree, although is looking good and well done gameplay but I dont was impressed by the graphics, it has very well done ambience of solitude and tension but I wasnt surprised by the graphs, in fact it has a bug (I hope for the demo) where the buildings disappear if you raise or lower the camera while you stand in front of a window and see the city. I dont know, but when I play it, I never feel this sensation of WOW that they promised us so much.
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No, MGS Legacy is a collection of Kojima´s games, twin snakes wasn´t made from Kojima´s team
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You tried with another USB? if another do the same maybe its a software conflict in your PS3 since the controllers charges fine.
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