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I played on hard before the patch and it took me a few hours. If only they would patch the game and make the controls more responsive and make less frames of vulnerability...Chaos_Bladez

And a better sound effects sync!!!

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I'm glad they're making Drive Club.  I absolutely loved Motorstorm Pacific Rift but Apocalypse was pretty meh.  The urban environments weren't anywhere near as fun as the crazy stuff they had in Pacific Rift.

I think more than the enviroment is that stupid character story, I played until the part of the third and got tired of it.
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Yeah, actually the only frustrating thing is that if you pass the first stage and die later you begin from the start of the trials again, I took about 1 hour to complete that part of the game.
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I dont think Naughty Dog are thinking about Uncharted 4, they have made trilogies so far and then move to another direction just remember Crash Bandicoot (3 games) Jak and Daxter (3 games) and Uncharted (3 games also) so maybe we see the first entry of another trilogy. If there is an Uncharted 4 I dont think would be from ND.
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They remove it form the Store, i wonder if they refund to users who complain
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[QUOTE="Ty1506"]Hi i know this is a old thread, but did you get the slim going again? I have a ps3 Slim 320gb , the power button does no work the only way to turn it on is by inserting a disc :( i have changed the on offf board and there is nothing wrong there I have changed the power on ribbon but still it only works if you insert a disc and i need the on off button , because i changed my tv over and i need to reset the output ( holding the on off button for 5 seconds ) so i now have no picture someone help please?

You turn on your PS3 by inserting a disc? why you dont turn on with the PSbutton on your dualshock?
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None, all games are fantasy.
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That sucks!!! why Tecmo dont give us a HD collection... damn!!! maybe is because Nintendo own the rights.
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Does anyone know yet if the PS4 will use the headsets Sony put out for the PS3?  I guess it all depends on if it accepts bluetooth headsets.

Maybe they work but remember that its planned that the PS4 in all models and presentations will come with its own headset.
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