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Hello I have recently started playing Arkham City on PC and now I am completely stuck. I am at the part in the game where you are to move a hook with the remote electrical charge gun to break into jokers lair. I know that you have to charge the thing ( not sure what it is haha) to move the hook. I am able to do this but the hook never actually crashes into the lair it just moves a little but never gets great momentum. Now I have tried: Hitting the 4 key multiple times ( I literally hit it 50 times once,I counted) and it definitely charges the thing and moves the hook but it never crashes. I have clicked the left mouse button multiple times while holding the right button ( are you supposed to hold the left button down?) I see on the screen that it says to hold the middle mouse button down- this never does anything. It's like the computer doesn't detect when the button is pushed.( though it does work to scroll in the game) I have done my research I know that the gun has two charges and you have to use both. But I do not know how especially because the middle button isn't working. Is there zn alternate way of doing this? If anyone can offer any incite into my problem I would greatly appreciate it, i have tried everything I can think of! Thanks a lot!