Must have for your 360

This is a great game in all aspects. The ai is smart but they still do some stupid things. Ok not really stupid but it players are camping the ai can’t figure that out and not make the same mistake twice or next round. Other then that they are very smart and can adjust to your tactics. The graphics are great, sound, lighting and gameplay are also. The story is a lot of fun and can be as complex as you would like to build the mission or as easy. In other words you can take the time to plan or go to default and just go for it. The game has a third person view and a first person, which they blend very well. Plus there’s the little things they can do like repel down walls throw flash bangs and nades.There are way too many things to list. The multi player is very good too. I normally complain about the number of players is too small compared to the PC, But not in this case. The map sizes are very comparable to the players allowed to be on most maps. Nobody likes to walk for 3 miles and for ppl that like tactical shooter. Too many players on a small map means the game turns into spray and pray. Plus there is a ranking system upon which you can gain unlocks on weapons etc...Privlages of rank the more you play the more points you get. This is by far one of the best games out there. If your into these kind of games this is a must buy for your 360. P.S. For your 360 you need a super computer to run it on Your PC.