Good Reboot! The Franchise Restarts With A New Prince!

User Rating: 9 | Prince of Persia PC
Well,after 3 mid-high version ubisoft publishes the fourth one.
but as i mentioned this time a new prince of persia gets stuck in a new story.
The new prince as we see at first minutes of the game is lost at a some place like desert then calls for farah his donkey...a surprise for the fans then someone comes and ..... the story goes on.
this version uses a different graphics method named Cel-shaded and it completely fits the setting.the game engine Scimitar combined with Cel-shaded creates stunning graphics that showcases what Next-Gen is Capable of.
i understand persian and the character that comes after the events i talked about speaks persian and says "With the power of ormazd" Or "With the guidance of ormazd" and these quotes are amazing.
unlike older PoP games it has some Platformer elements that is good and enjoyable.

this is something that takes the franchise to the next level.