Burnout was an ok racing game when it came out, but now its nothing compared to Burnout Revenge.

I love the burnout series, and before i start reviewing, i would like to say that This was the first Burnout game I played. This game actually made not want to play Burnout but then I played a Burnout 3 demo and my changed. i still have this game for Burnout collection's sake. Review Time!:

Gameplay: 7/10

The birth of the crashing sweetness, but the crashing in this game is very dull. A good first try

Graphics: 7/10

These were fine. The game has just upgrade way above these graphics nowadays...

Sound: 1/10

I remember little about the music during the game experience but it was very bad through the time I played B1

Value: 3/10

The game was a good first racing game for the current gen but has lost complete value. Skip it for Burnout 2, 3, and Revenge.

Recommendation? No, I don't recommend it

Overall: 5.5/10

This was an overall OK racing game, but most of its mechianics were poorly put in. Go get Burnout Revenge instead.