Science isn't just fun it's incredible!

User Rating: 10 | Portal 2 PS3
Portal 2 is unlike most games I have ever played. Having never played the first game I was thrown into a mysterious world in which I had no clue what was going on in. It however took me mere minutes to discover the sheer joy of playing with science. That coupled with some of the best writing I have experienced in games makes for an unforgettable experience.

The game focuses on Chell a mute girl who is trapped in the ever mystifying Aperture Laboratories. Wakened by the seemly helpful robot named Wheatly the start to explore Aperture, but Aperture is far than meets the eye. Before long Chell is trapped completing test after test for the diabolical A.I. GLaDOS. The game explores the history of Aperture Laboratories and much of the story is told through pre recorded announcements or posters on the walls of the crumbling facility.

GLaDOS is truly the star of the show. Her comments never once failed to bring a smile to my face and her not so good humored personality keeps the game afloat. She gloats, threatens, and lies her to into your heart. The announcements of the founder of Aperture, Cave Johnson are also hilarious and keep the game feeling light hearted.

The basic game play of Portal 2 is incredible easy. Just use R1 to shoot one portal and then L1 to create its twin. You can then travel as you wish between them. Valve has done a tremendous job creating the puzzles used in the game. They are varied and creative but never cheap. You will have to use momentum, lasers, cubes, bouncy goo, speed goo, and more to get your way to the exit. While some of the latter puzzles are challenging, I must recommend that you avoid internet guides. A huge part of the games fun is the sense of accomplishment when you solve a tricky puzzle

While the single player is the main focus of Portal 2 there is also co-op. The main point of this is that the PS3 version has Steam connectivity, allowing you to play with people who are playing on Steam as well as PSN. It is worth noting that I have noticed longer load times when playing with people on a PC. A rare occurrence of today split screen is also an option for those who enjoy local multiplayer

In the end Portal 2 combines all the things together while leaving no glaring errors. GLaDOS comments are enough for me to recommend the game but there is so much more here. The story and puzzles are top notch and can be compared with any blockbuster game of today. I will end my review with a comment on the ending. It is the best of any game I have ever played. While simple on the surface if thought about, it will leave you thinking and begging for answers. Portal 2 is a must play for all gamers