A severely underrated gem. This deserves a read before you pass off getting this great game.

User Rating: 9.6 | Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon: Ao no Kyuujotai DS
In my 16 years of life and collection of a few hundred games, I have happened upon the most underrated game of my life. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue not only presents itself as a "new" type of game, but it does well to uphold the basic formula that made Pokemon great, and made dungeon crawlers great. This type of dungeon crawler is probably completely new to most Americans. ChunSoft took a decent franchise, Fushigi no Dungeon, and translated it into a near flawless American version in the form of PMD:BRT. I honestly feel that most high-up gaming reviewers were prejudiced in their reviews for this game because it had Pokemon on the label. They didn't give it a second chance from there. This game executed the fundamentals they were hoping for perfectly. It is almost the only game of its type in America and it is amazing in every way. I have fallen in love with a new type of gaming. The "in-dungeon" controls are great. It takes a while to learn them but once you do, your Pokemon will be able to do anything you need. They will move perfectly, attack perfectly, and use the moves you want them to use. This is one of the best aspects of the game. The depth of the game is amazing. There are so many strategies and tactics you can pull of at any given time. And you can basically function your allies to act pretty similar to how you would act after a little testing and research. The only problem with them is that they sometimes stray away from you and you have to literally chase them. I occasionally enjoy this. It adds a new challenge to the game. You can either chase after them and rescue them or you can attempt to venture ahead alone and as fast as possible and escape before your allies get swamped. The rest of the game is pretty solid. It has an extremely long single player that compliments an entertaining story for the beginning portion. It has some great graphics although the appearance of some dungeon tiles gets pretty repetitive. The sound is just fine for a DS game. I am not a Pokemon fan at all or a major RPG fan really, but the combination of the two into a dungeon crawler is quite the treat. I am so upset with Gamespot on this one. I don't know who rated it but they have just lost all my respect.