User Rating: 9.4 | PlanetSide PC
Just got it today. Great game! GAMEPLAY: 10/10. Awesome! Complete with upgradable skills, abilities and licences. Gamesplay is smooth and nice on high end PCs. Slightrly slow paced, really depends on what vehicle/suit you are using. Teams are quite well balanced and here's a brief description to help you choose: New Conglomerate: Heavy weapons, large variety. Vanu Sovereignty: Alien Technology, hovering vehicles, laser/plasma weapons. Terran Republic (me): Heavy Armor, strong tanks (and my personal favorite weapon: the Mini/Chaingun) GRAPHICS: Very good. Not amazing, but for the better. Good enough that it wasn't limited in the terrain/modeling aspect, but not too good that it laggs out on sub-par configurations. SOUND: Uhm... Great. Nothing in the game is modeled on real counterpartss, but quality is high, and crisp. Great with 5/6.1 surround sound. VALUE: Pretty good. You have to pay a monthly fee, have not figured out what it is, but this helps the game get updated and new features and weapons will come out to fuel the games blazing fire. Cool because it's llike your army is researching. REVIEWER'S TILT: I don't know what that is.