The Sims 3 for Wii-Reviewed by Ralph

The Sims 3 for the wii is worth playing and pleasing if your a Sims fan.I myself enjoy playing The Sims 3 because this game is the only one I can spend time on the Wii console.Though the controls is hard EA should add a classic controller feature to enable using the classic controller for easy controlling of the Sims.There are some bugs in the game that you cannot buy house's from 28,000 simoleons and up.though you can still buy the house's that are located in the map like the mansion,houseboat and the lighthouse.But maybe EA may release a patch that could remove the bug.The good thing about the Wii version that it doesn't have loading time for going to any landmarks it's most likely to have similarities to the pc version of the game and the Wii version has also have a "EXCLUSIVE" Skate park but you cannot control the Sims to skate.Although some features may remove due to the Wii not being powerful enough like the Ps3 or Xbox 360 it's still worth playing if you love the Sims series.