metal gear solid comes back on the psp system better than ever!

Metal Gear Solid as always been an awesome series that has a great story, gameplay, and single player experence. This game takes the Metal Gear Solid in a different way, it mostly focuses on the multiplayer, in dissappointment it doesnt have online multiplayer like portable ops.

Metal gear solid peace walker is the biggest metal gear solid game. it has tons of content a 25+ hour story mode and 128 extra ops and outer ops. sadley this game doesnt really focus on stealth like the other metal gear solids.

the single player is awesome but the coops is awesomer. i likes collecting soliders and putting them in missions and extra ops and the boss battles rock. my favorite boss battle was the Al weapon ones.

this game has alot of content. this is a must have for people who have psp. and you want to install this game the load time are super long if you dont so install it. you might need to get a new memory card it takes a lot of space.

with great story and multiplayer and alot of content it falles short because there is not an online mode. but if you have a psp you need to get this game now and really try the coop mode, its the best part in the game.