If you love Pac-Man you'll probably be more than satisfied with your purchase.

User Rating: 6.9 | Pac-Man X360
Pac-Man on the Xbox Live Arcade is a worthy tribute to the 1981 original. Its virtually identical to the original, and well worth the five bucks for any Pac-Man fan.

The graphics are pretty much the same as the original, but I haven't played Pac-Man in years on an arcade machine. As far as I know they are no different, and its too bad that they didn't make an update on the graphics, so you could switch back and forth.

The sound effects and music are exactly how I remember them. Everything from Pac-Man eating dots to ghosts sounds correct. The music is the same too as they even put in the little cut-scenes that occur inbetween some stages. Everything seems to be correct here just like the graphics.

The value of Pac-Man will really depend on how much you enjoy to play it. If you love it then its going to have a lot of value for the five bucks and vice versa. The achievements won't take you too long to get except maybe one or two of them. Too bad there is no multiplayer.

The gameplay is really straight forward as you play as Pac-Man a yellow circle and you must eat all the dots on the stage while avoiding ghosts. Fruit and other objects appear in the middle for you to collect for bonus points and will help you acquire many of the games achievements. You will obtain an extra life every 10000 points unless you switch the settings which if you change the settings you won't be able to get the achievements. Also to eliminate ghosts you must eat a big dot and then you may run down the ghosts and eat them for extra points and each one you eat will during the time period after you eat the dot until the ghosts go back to normal will give you more points. The controls are really simple, but don't always work the way you want them to as they tend to be somewhat inconsistent. Pac-Man on the Xbox-Live arcade is a worthy game for Pac-Man fans to put in there collection of Xbox Live Arcade games, but for people who don't care for it it probably is best to try the trial first.