Another Lousy Outlaw Game.

User Rating: 3.8 | Outlaw Tennis XBOX
Most people will disagree with my review but that doesn't bother me. Outlaw Golf was a cheap boring attempt to revive regular golf and make it into somthing different, but the game still played allot like real golf except without real golf players but the same basic rules are there. As for Outlaw Tennis the game is awfully slow and you can't zoom the camra in a little closer to see the characters during gameplay. The goal to playing this game is to hit the ball back and fourth until someone fails to hit it back. There are allot of different game modes to play but none of them seem to last for very long. Most of the characters have to be unlocked so you only get three to start off with. Normally I use cheats for games I don't like or care about playing. So thats what I did for outlaw tennis and outlaw golf I used the cheats to get all characters and etc. It seems the characters are no different because they all seem to play the exact same way no matter how high or low their skills are if you play the game on pro the AI will play a little rough by hitting the balls faster than you and diving across the screen to catch it is somewhat anoyying. Some of the courts are somewhat good and somewhat bad, the music in the game is not somthing I would want to hear constantly (thank God for the turn off button). Outlaw Tennis can be fun for a short while but its not worth playing for many hours. With the sluggish gameplay at hand you'll assume the game is either hard or easy. I've tried all difficulty levels and pro is difficult due to the trashy gameplay when choosing to have a partner play with you (CPU) they seem to ignore the ball when its coming at them but instead the other side play exacally like human being oppenants so you'll often be defending against two characters because your partner wont do much of anything except stand there and look. Another lack luster of this game are the jokes made through out the game, they aren't amusing or crude in anyway. The game is rated M for Mature even though nothing in this game is consider mature by my standerds, a character known as Lizzy raises her shirt up at the ball boy but turns around to do it so you cant see anything and the sad part about it is you can tell she didn't really raise up the shirt she just pretends to do it. Either that or the creators wasn't paying attention. They try to use sexual jokes in all sorts of ways possible but still it isn't mature or sexual. The game seemed more focused on stupidity rather than gameplay. I've always hated sports video games. An outlaw football or basketball might be better. Tennis and Golf are both slow sports just like hockey and soccer. An outlaw soccer might work. I never did play the vollyball one.