This game is an eyegasm!

User Rating: 10 | Outland PS3
OMG! this game is epic. some of the best visuals ive seen in a game, and the sound is stellar as well. i usually go into downloadable games very apprehensive because almost everyone that i've played was kind of a let down, which is why i usually only stick with full blown retail games, as that's where typically most of the quality goes into from what i've seen, but Outland broke that cycle for me. the difficulty, is just the perfect amount to where i don't get frustrated when i lose because, while the challenge is there, i feel there is hope to beat it at the same time. i love how amazingly complex the game is because i love having to think. the boss fights are incredibly unique, especially the final boss. i really hope that there will eventually be a sequel or at least an expansion. More games like this need to happen. i grew up on 2D, so every time i see a new 2D game, it's a sight for sore eyes, especially when the game is good. 2D platformers are back!