I was looking forward to it, but they dropped the ball.

User Rating: 6 | Omerta: City of Gangsters PC
I usually always, by rule read reviews before I buy, but I was borde, without a good game at the time and it just looked so good. I am disappointed. The game has some neat elements to it and the graphics and premise are cool, but it just lacks polish and substance. I feel like if they came out with a big patch or something it would be great, but without MORE it just doesnt do it for me.
For instance, when you open businesses or illegal speakeasys or brewerys or whatever the only indicator that you "own" that part of the map is a small spinning icon above the building that doesnt really tell you anything. Even when you click on your "brewery" for instance you just get a couple of buttons concerning upgrades etc.. No statistics or any detail about the brewery, no ability to interact with it, nothing. The only satisfaction of owning said brewery is that you get a trickle of beer going into your store room. The building doesnt even change to a different color to indicate its part of your territory, the map doesnt change at all except for the spinning icon.
Its the same way with doing something as cool sounding as "Drive Bys" too. If you want to run a competitor out of business all you have to do is click a button, but there is not even any animation or activity on the beautiful map that shows anything happening. Your henchman's picture just becomes locked and in a couple minutes a microwave "ding" sounds and the competitors little spinning symbol changes or goes away.
On the positive side the voice acting, the art and the combat parts of the game are better. The combat is pretty fun and strategic, but with an "auto resolve" button I can see myself getting bored with the combat and just hitting that button to speed things up.

Nice try, but try again.